Hi, I'm Luis Silva 👋

Welcome to my world of code and pixels.

Me at a rooftop

I'm a passionate front-end software engineer who loves translating my art through code and pixels. When I'm not debugging, I'm breathing life into magical interfaces. Beware, my code has the power to surprise and entertain!

A build with a lot of windows and blue sky
A group of pictures on a wall
A shelf with lights and bottles of liquor
A blighting ferris wheel at night
A lamp and a statue of Edwiges
A wall room with a plant

I'm a photography and art enthusiast, constantly capturing the world around me in spontaneous moments. Outside the office, you'll likely find me at the gym, exploring new places, or enjoying time with friends.

If you're up for a chat, I'm always available for a good conversation. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!