About me

Me at a rooftop

My name is Luis, and I'm 23 years old.

I am a front-end developer with 5 years of experience, and throughout my journey, I've worked with various technologies and frameworks such as: Next.js, ReactJS, Typescript, TailwindCSS, CSS, HTML, Git, and much more.

Beyond my love for code, I am passionate about UI/UX. I enjoy adding that special touch to designs, making things not only functional but also visually stunning. After all, it's all about creating experiences that not only run smoothly but also make the eyes light up.


Front-end Software Engineer

IoasysRemote February 2022 - Current

  • Working at CVC Corp, the largest travel company in Latin America, developing solutions to enhance sales and customer service experiences.
  • Led the creation of a versatile component library adopted across diverse platforms, catering to the needs of over 50 developers. Using the latest technologies of ReactJS, Typescript, EmotionCSS, and TSUP.
  • Developing multiple applications aimed at optimizing the sales experience using NextJS, EmotionCSS. Through innovative development strategies, I contribute to creating user-friendly interfaces that enhance the overall experience for the sales team, ultimately driving improved company sales.
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment Pipeline Integration, pull requests, code reviews, unit/integration/e2e testing.

Front-end Software Engineer

Korin AlimentosIpeúna, SP, Brazil February 2021 - February 2022

  • Spearheaded the development of an internal application for news management, document access, and reservations using NextJS, ReactJS, MySQL, and NodeJS.
  • Implemented user-friendly features for seamless news updates, document retrieval, and efficient booking of meeting rooms and vehicles.
  • Ensured application scalability, responsiveness, and security, contributing to enhanced internal communication and efficient resource management.